DRIFT countdown – 8 days.

I was nominated for two awards yesterday by the fabulous FactoryMaid! They are over in my growing collection on my side bar – The Interesting Blogger Award, and the WordPress Family award. I’ll be writing more on that subject the instant my DRIFT countdown is over, but I wanted to thank FactoryMaid for her kind nomination.


I woke with a start, and Connor wrapped his arms more tightly around me in his sleep, pressing my head into his chest. I lay still as my breathing slowly calmed.

Outside, the storm was raging. The rain came down in sheets, like a stampede of wild horses on cement. An irregular flash of light lit up across the wall of the room, and was almost immediately followed by a rumble of thunder that cracked so loudly that even Connor, who’d previously slept through both a fire alarm and a car crash, was jolted awake. He instinctively moved to cover me with his body before he came to his senses, realized what was going on, and relaxed.

“That was too close for comfort,” I said shakily, getting up on one elbow. The sky rumbled and cracked again, momentarily throwing my own shadow in stark relief against the wall.

“It’s alright,” Connor murmured, “it’s just a storm.”

“The Lochness is out there. I think we should check on it,” I replied.

“The Lochness has weathered many a storm, and it’s going to make it through this one just fine,” he answered. “Now come here.”

Connor put his hand on my back and pulled me back into his arms, wrapping the covers around me and tucking my head down under his chin. I licked his chest in annoyance and he made a low warning grumble deep in his throat.

Within a minute, he was fast asleep. I lay still for a long time, staring into the darkness and listening to the rain dashing itself into the roof, and thinking about the fishing boat moored not 57 steps from my door.

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