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Life Updates.

Hey internet. Sorry if the last few posts have been a little… bizarre.  Life’s been hectic recently.

Actually, on that note, a brief,  real-life-real-time update. As of Thursday, I am no longer living in my parent’s house! Varenka and I have our own adorable (okay, adorable is a strong word) apartment centrally located in Where-I-Live, USA, about 6 blocks and a neighbourhood away from mes parents. Moving is apparently terrible. More on that soon.

Second update, the same week that I moved into the new digs, I got a new job! (promotion? Semi-promotion?) at the Visitor’s Centre! I’ll be doing some very cool social marketing, public relations and website-based copy writing stuff, which is as swanky-sounding as it is super exciting. However, I’m now essentially working full time there, which means that with my yoga job on top of that, I’ll probably be pushing 50-55 hours a week working my two favorite things.

Somebody pinch me.

Anywho, what with the move, the new job, and the fact that I don’t have internet yet in the new apartment (Gallifrey), the blog postings for the next week or so may continue to be… odd.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


(Never again).


Just a life update.

Hey internet. I’m taking a trip to Boston starting today through Monday, so my posts are probably going to be on the short, sweet, unedited side until I get back. Although, let’s be honest, y’all don’t read my blog for beautifully composed prose. Y’all read my blog because I say funny things about my cat and I use weird pictures and occasionally names of famous celebrities. Or, you know, because you’re my Gran. Love you Granny.

Cue running around like a crazy person packing.

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I leave you with this.