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Yoga (explained by dogs) – Part 2.

1. Be grateful for people who can help you get your favorite toys out of a rough spot.


2. Be grateful for good hiding spots.


3. Be grateful for people who cook for you.


4. And play with you.


5. And even let you use them as a pillow.


6. Be grateful for people who accompany you to parties you didn’t really want to go to.


7. Be grateful for your beautiful face.


8. And those who comfort you when you’re feeling sad.


10. And at the end of the day, be grateful for a soft, warm bed.

Photo on 8-20-12 at 9.21 AM

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When I actually wear a coordinated outfit to the studio:

When someone asks me to explain the difference between two weird disciplines of yoga:

When my friends make up terrible excuses to get out of class:

When someone shows up late to my yoga class and disrupts everybody:

When someone keeps leaving for “a drink of water”:

When I haven’t worked out in a while and I get back on my mat it’s like:

But also like:

When people thank me after class it’s like:

Because teaching yoga, most of the time, is like:

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When I have no sequence planned and I just have to make that shit up as I go:

When I could go to yoga but I’m comfy:

When I really want to yoga it out but I don’t make it in time for class:

When I wear a new pair of leggings to the studio I feel like:

When a single girl brings a boy to class we’re like:

When guys find out yoga’s actually a hard workout they’re like:

After a good class when you have to get up out of savasana:

When a teacher describes a really difficult pose:

When I lose track of where the teacher is and I realize they’re RIGHT BESIDE ME:

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