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I am now physically capable of running a full mile.

Hi internet.

It has been about three weeks since I confessed to you guys that I couldn’t run a mile.

I can now run a mile.

Well that was fast.

It turns out that your body (or at least, my body) adapts to running pretty fast. All I did was run a half mile about every other day for the first week (walking another half mile), run 3/4th of a mile every other day the second (walking the last 1/4th) and run a full mile every other day the next week, with a five minute walking warmup and a five minute walking cool down every run-day.


However, while it was conceptually easy to do, it was by no means a fun thing to do.

I stand by the fact that I absolutely hate running. Or at least, strongly dislike running, probably for all the same reasons that have been quoted and re-quoted over and over ad nauseum, amen.

I think it’s boring.

It makes my legs feel weird.

It makes my knees hurt.

I can tell the weird guy on the treadmill next to me is trying to look down my shirt.

I’m pretty sure if I touched the treadmill screen I’d contact a rare and fatal virus.

I could be doing nothing right now.

My thighs rub together sometimes and it makes me feel like an overactive lion seal.

Putting all those excuses aside, however, I think I’m going to try to run a 5k this summer.

Anyone care to join me?


8 Drinking Games- an Infographic.


I was recently approached to host this drinking game graphic on my blog in return for some free publicity.

Uh, okay.

Read this and then read this more compelling article about my own drinking game experiences, which are way more fun than any of these.

Bottoms Up: Eight Great Drinking Games
Source: Best College Reviews

Need a drink now?

Try one of these.

4 terrible drinks my roommate and I made up in college.

Disclaimer- I do not support underage drinking laws.

Double disclaimer- Do NOT try all of these in the same night.

1. The Poor Communist- This was a really awful take on a wonderful drink my friends and I decided was a good idea our sophomore year. I had just come back to the dorms from a screening of The Big Lebowki and as such felt the need to have a White Russian right that second. I procured some Kahlua somehow and borrowed some 2% milk from someone and couldn’t find any vodka, so I just put in half of each. What resulted was a drink that I somehow got the rest of my close friends obsessed with for the better part of our year. I can’t even type the word Kahlua now without feeling ill.

A night of P.C.'s once resulted in this poster being made. I can't even.

A night of P.C.’s once resulted in this poster being made. I can’t even.

2. The Extravagant Neighbours– So my wonderful, wonderful roommate from sophomore year decided to move into an apartment with me junior year which we lived in till we graduated. I’m pretty shocked anyone would want to live with me that long, but there you have it.

My dad makes límoncello as a hobby, which is both impressive and economic. I once ended up with about 60 lemons that I didn’t know what to do with, so I made a batch with him and ended up with a large amount of very strong liquor lying around. My roommate and I put this into everything. We ended up frequenting our neighbour’s apartment parties drinking a mix of límoncello, rum, chambord, lemon juice, and club soda.

Never again.

3. The Unnecessarily Creative Mimosa– Any type of flavored Andre’s Champagne, orange juice, and loganberry syrup. It looked like the juice that runs out of a thanksgiving turkey and tasted like an energy drink mixed with bargain basement cough syrup.

4. The I Can’t Feel my Tongue Anymore– Coffee, the cheapest Cremé de Cacao you can find, and powdered hot chocolate mix. I absolutely never drank this before going to class, ever. Not even all the time.