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Climb The Wall.

I am not good with heights, internet.

Me and heights had a breakup over a decade ago (god I’m old) when I fell off a chairlift.

Long story.

At any rate, since I was six or so, heights and I have not gotten along. Eiffel Tower? Horrifying. Mt. Hood, Oregon? No thanks. Ladders? I’ll pass.

In spite of this anxiety, I went rocking climbing a few weeks ago with my coworkers as part of a team building activity, and it was amazing. 

I’ve tried rocking climbing on several different occasions, and none of them ended prettily. I panic when I’m about three feet off the ground. Panic-panicking. Like, almost hyperventilating panicking. I have had a panic attack on a porch.

Yes, really.

However, despite breathing like a  stranded fish and sweating like a chubby kid in a sauna, I somehow made it to the ceiling.

Here is proof.


That yellow line near the bottom? That’s the ten foot mark.

Goodness, just looking at this photo gives me vertigo.

At any rate, the huge difference was having a group of people at the bottom cheering me on and telling me where to go next, because when you’re fear-clinging to a wall with your sweat-hands 35 feet off the ground, it’s really hard to figure where to put your feet. Mostly because the looking down thing is a huge no-no.

Just goes to show that a second pair of eyes, sometimes, is exactly what you need to get you places you never thought you were going to.

Night internet.

Burn This / Becoming a yogi.

I wrote a couple articles for a start up called Burn This that has recently launched!

Here’s a teaser and a link to the full article.


As a dedicated yogi and yoga teacher, I’m often asked how I can relate to students new to yoga.  Do I really understand their unease?  Am I trustworthy?  Am I experienced enough?

I can understand that skepticism. I have clients come in from all walks of life – college students, retirees, trust funders and scholarships, injured, sick, marathon runners and couch graduates.  And here I am, a short, skinny 23 year old who looks like she’d be more at home at a sorority formal than a yoga studio. What gives me the authority to tell people about what’s happening in their bodies? How can I understand what it’s like to have a serious health problem, an injury, or to need to lose a ton of weight? Who am I, and most importantly, can I relate?

Far from my days as a beginner, I’ve been practicing yoga seriously now for about five years. Three years ago, I started teaching yoga, aided in large part by my mom, who is a yoga, barre and pilates instructor and studio owner. I eat, sleep, and breathe yoga now, but it wasn’t always like that.

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