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Recording an EP??

I am sick and miserable today, y’all.

And I am going to succumb to being a sick miserable person, because I just worked a 10 hour shift at jobs.

Read this instead and pretend I wrote it today.


Okay, wow, I just read that post and now I feel like a lazy jerk for not writing a full post today.

Jeez, past self, way to be motivating.

Here are some current events and how I feel about them.

Captain Apollo and I are FINALLY starting to record our EP tomorrow. The EP is going to be titled Solidarity and we’ve been talking about it for a really long time now and it’s on my bucket list of things I really want to accomplish in my life which I wrote about yesterday.

(Side note – Captain Apollo is one of like five human beings that read my blog religiously, and today told me he told it was adorable that I had recording a CD on my Career Bucket List and that he was happy to help me fulfill that particular point. At this time I’d like to further reiterate the point that it is not adorable, it is ambitious and career savvy and badass.)

At any rate, I have mixed emotions about this actually happening, now that it’s actually happening tomorrow. Most of those feelings are probably anxiety based, like fear and nausea and panic, akin to what I felt the first time I sang an original out loud in front of real actual people. There is also a fair amount of raw excitement happening, which will likely become more apparent once the actual singing part is over.

I do this thing where the first couple of times I encounter a new scenario, I am confused and anxious and I generally hate it, but then I end up loving that thing. Like the first time I did yoga. Or the first time I toured my alma mater and actually left the tour because I hated it. Or the time that brussel sprouts somehow became my favorite vegetable.

But I digress from the point.

Was there a point?

News update – there was not.

Anyways, one of these days I’m hoping I’m just going to walk up to the mic full of confidence and just crush a set with no anxiety at all, like my idol, Fat Amy.

4 drinking games my roommate and I made up in college.

In honor of my birthday and all the socially irresponsible decisions I made at the bar last night, I give you a post about drinking. Mazel tov.


I’d like to put it out there that Roommate and I were responsible, socially adjusted people the went to class and studied diligently and wrote theses and supported philanthropic events (well, at least she was). Nevertheless, everyone needs to blow off steam once in a while, and we did that by yelling at each other, painting our fingernails, doing arts and crafts, and getting drunk in creative ways.

We made these once stone cold sober. Craftsss.

We made these once stone cold sober. Craftsss.

1. Let’s get Bourdained – Roommate and I developed a passion for two different T.V. shows in college. The first was Ghost Adventures. The second was No Reservations. We never really drank during Ghost Adventures because we got way too scared anyways, but No Reservations lends itself to a little debauchery.

Rules- Drink every time he drinks. Simple, but effective. You will be tempted to also drink every time he smokes. DO NOT DO THIS. 

2. Robin Hood (a Walt Disdrink Classic) – Fun fact – I’ve watched Robin Hood probably ten times and I have no idea how it ends. I get pretty fuzzy around the jail scene. I think there’s birds involved?

Rules- Drink every time the words, oodalolly, taxes, or Little John are used. Careful, the first seven minutes are a doozy.

3. Trashed and Tidy – Our apartment had a tendency to get a little untidy, especially during finals weeks. Roommate and I figured out a great way to get motivated to clean. It (sorta) worked.

Rules- Clean your apartment from top to bottom. Every time you complete a room, take a shot.

Quote from our refrigerator door. We wrote all the good things down.

Quote from our refrigerator door. This happened a lot.

4. Solidarity – Drinking in solidarity wasn’t really a game, but it’s something that I expect here on out from anyone brave enough to try to live with me. Calling solidarity means that you are having a really bad day and you need Roommate to meet you at the door to your apartment with an open bottle of your favorite brew, no questions asked. Solidarity means that your Roommate has to drink with you for however long you need them to, despite whatever they had planned. It can only be used in extreme need. It’s like the Plan-B of drinking games.

Use these games wisely, internet.