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12 Things your yoga teacher thinks about during Savasana.

When I was first starting out teaching yoga, savasana (the bit at the end where you lie down and take a short “nap”) in my class was about 6 minutes long.

That was due in large part to the fact that I always ended class about ten minutes short, because I spoke really fast and got nervous and forgot things, so I made my savasanas really long to compensate.

Those 6 minutes were always the hardest part of my day.

Even now that I’ve cut my savasana down to a sleek 2 minutes and I’m much calmer and somewhat of a seasoned teacher, savasana sucks. 

If you’ve never taken a yoga class, think of savasana as that nap time you had to take in kindergarten in a roomful of other squirmy kids. You never particularly wanted to take a nap, but the teacher made you do it, so you laid down and tried not to move for a while. It stinks, but it’s good for you.

If you were ever wondering what your teacher was thinking while you were taking that nap, here’s a brief list:

I wonder if anyone notice I screwed up the sequence… twice. 

Whose stomach is making that weird noise?

Cars are really loud.

I really need to fart but people will totally know it’s me.

What’s that smell?

Shit, is this a 75 minute class or an hour?

Hope nobody noticed the swear word in that song.

What’s for dinner?

Has it been two minutes yet?

It’s really hot in here. 

Is that person snoring?

I really need to do laundry now.