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POST 200.

This is it. 200 posts in a row.


I wanted, of course, to do something fabulous and exciting and glittery and super for post 200, but of course I couldn’t think of anything cool and then I told myself I’d probably come up with something cool this morning and instead I sat outside in the sun and read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and drank like 3 cups of coffee.

I of course looked at what I did for Post 100, but then I remember that post 100 happened while I was sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico and then I got sad that I was not currently in Puerto Rico. Also that post kind of sucks.

So yes, I’ve been staring at this blank post for the past hour – yes, hour – trying to come up with something poignant and refreshing, or at least something witty, and all I’ve got to show for it is a few lines of drivel.


It’s been a rough, weird ride over the past 100 days, internet. I moved to Alaska and got two dogs (a Boston Terrier and a Great Dane. I named them Mister Piffles and Duke Buckingham). I shot a guy and robbed a few banks. I stole the World’s Largest Wooden Chair.

Nah, just kidding. None of that happened, obviously, but I did start an awesome new job and am moving out of my parent’s house in 15 days.

Perspective. It keeps things fresh.

Here. Look at a screen shot of my most popular posts in the past two hundred days.

No, you can't click on the links. It's a screenshot, idiot.

No, you can’t click on the links. It’s a screenshot, idiot.

…I write about weird things, huh.

Did I do it yet?

Is this a good post?


Sigh. Maybe my post for 300 in a row will be witty.