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Now what?

Now that the psycho-craziness of November is over and Mi Madre’s home from Africa, I’m sort of feeling… I don’t know. Lazy? Like I have too much free time? Empty?

Which is crazypants, because my life is damn busy enough without doing both my job and my mother’s.

However, I’m feeling like I need a new project of sorts. Or a hobby. Or maybe a pet (not a pet).

Do you ever get that feeling, internet? You run yourself into the ground doing a huge project or favor or life, and then when the stress lets up you don’t really know what to do? Like Inigo Montoya after he gets revenge on his father’s killer?

Or, you know, not like that.

Any ideas, internet?

Poll results!

I have the poll results in from last week, if anyone was interested.

About 25 of you voted, which is about 10% of my regular readership, which is okay for participation, but not fabulous. B minus, maybe.

As far as gender goes, 20% of you are girls, 4% are boys, 28% ladies and another 28% men. We also had one granny, one mom, an Ood, and a manboy. So clearly gender is starting to take a bit of a creative turn in today’s society.

91% of you claim that you know me in real life, and 9% wrote in that you kinda know me in real life, which is as honest as it is likely factual. Nobody picked the I don’t know you option, which means my WordPress readership is either lying or slacking on this one.

For the lengthy what-would-you-like-to-see-more-of blog, the votes were all over the place besides one curious standout:



Nobody voted for news? Really people? I’m going to assume it’s because you all have your own tried and tested news outlets you refer to daily.

Given the results of the above poll, the what-theme-do-you-like results were unsurprising- 14% of you like Yoga Tuesday, 24% like Psychopath Saturday and most of you, 57%, are not into themes. nobody voted for Manuscript Monday or Fiction Friday. Yikes.

A surprising number of you are for swearing, at 41%. Against stood at 5% with only 1 vote.  41% said you were indifferent.  Somebody wrote in that I should speak as the world moves me. Well shit. That’s fucking yogic of you.

Now for the fun stuff:

Ninjas versus pirates, the age old question: Ninjas were favored by 48% of you, pirates by another 39%. Somebody wrote in Ninja Pirates. Clearly they don’t know how debates work. Two other write-ins voted for Spartans and Stormtroopers. If I knew there were other options, I would have gone with Time Lord, but the question wasn’t who would win given every fandom ever got in a fight. Although that’s a much better question. Tell me your vote in the comments!

The obligatory pets question. Dogs obviously win with 61% of the vote. Cats super lost at 9%. Write-ins include cat that thinks it’s a dog, pigs, and velociraptors. To whoever wrote in that their dog gave them asthma but they love their dog anyways, you are an awesome person, person.

Last but not least:

When I asked you what you thought I should watch next, Breaking Bad won by a LANDSLIDE of 8 votes. The runner up, The League, had three. Write-in votes included Legend of Korra, The Wire, Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey (which I’m already watching, because obviously), Under the Dome and Leverage.

Two people actually voted that television is evil and I shouldn’t watch a new show.

Ten thousand dollars says it was me mum and me gran.


Community poll!

Hey y’all.

I realized you guys know a lot about me, but I don’t know anything about you!

Here’s a brief survey! Please take a moment to fill it out.

Results will be posted next week.