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I missed yesterday.

I missed yesterday’s blog post, internet. With 45 days to go to make it to a full year.

I’m really upset about this for a few reasons, including the fact that instead of posting material that I already had written, I was playing World of Warcraft. Also that I thought about it several times over the course of the day and just didn’t bother doing it.

Mostly I’m just disappointed in myself, internet, because I made myself an important promise and I blew it off for a crappy reason. I know probably nobody else cares, but I do. A lot.

When I started this blog, it was dramatic and serious and life changing, and I loved doing it and looked forward to it and wrote several blog posts in a night and really agonized over what I had to say. Now I’m clearly treating it like a chore, because that’s what its become. A job. An annoyance.

I lost the point of it, and I’m not exactly sure what to do about it.

I don’t know.