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Fiction Friday #28 – Apartment Limericks.

For today’s fiction friday, my roommate, Varenka, challenged me to write a series of limericks about our new apartment, Gallifrey.

Uh, okay.

Two ladies moved into some new digs
Not accounting the fact both lived like pigs.
There are clothes on the floor
But there’s none in the drawers
So there’s no place to host their shindigs.

Gallifrey’s decently spacious,
Though the decor is something hellicious
The floral wallpaper
Is due for a scraper
And the pink tile bath’s ostentatious.

Our new apartment is baller
But the girls living upstairs are scholars
Through the day, not a peep
Until we go to sleep
And that’s when they hoot and they holler.

I mean, seriously with the wallpaper though.

I mean, seriously with the wallpaper though.