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The L.A.W. – Time Management.

This is somewhat of a follow-up post to this post on procrastination, but also not.

Words are good today, people.


In the last few months, I’ve become somewhat of a time management expert.


Nearly every day, I work an 8 hour shift at work. Three days a week, I leave from that job to go to my other job and teach either a barre or a yoga class, which takes up about another hour and a half of my time. When I’m not doing that, I’m writing a blog post for this website, and when I’m not doing that, I’m practicing or performing music.

Oh, and I also have a life, and friends, and a boyfriend, and a family, and chores, and myself to look after.

Oh, and did I mention I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this November? On top of moving back into Mamma Mia’s house to take care of my dogs for a month?

Oh, and picking up three more yoga classes a week, while I’m at it.

I guess you could say I’m a little busy.

How do I manage to get all of this accomplished without going crazy (okay, without going completely insane)?

Oh, a little effective time management.

I use my lunch breaks to either research stuff for blogs, write my blogs, or run errands. I write and practice music in the shower and in the car. I clean something in either the bathroom or the kitchen everyday, and I do my laundry at mi Madre’s house whenever she invites me to dinner.

I’ve learned over the past little while that it’s easy to want to push off hanging out with your friends and family because you feel too scattered brained and frantic to even imagine taking the time out to do it, and I’ve also learned that it’s important to prioritize those moments, because they make everything else worth it. No, I don’t see some of my friends as often as I’d like, but the purest friendships are sometimes the ones where you can pick back up wherever you left off.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that you need to devote your entire mind to whatever you’re doing. Don’t half-ass your job, or you’ll waste time redoing it. Don’t have your mind on other things when you’re out with your friends, because you rarely get to see them. And when you need a moment all to yourself, give yourself a full moment.

Lord knows you deserve it.


The L.A.W. – 10 Ways To Make People Think You’ve Got It Together.

If you’re wondering, no, I didn’t have a reason for not posting a Yoga Tuesday blog yesterday, other than the fact that I thought it was still Monday.

Don’t judge me.


1. Don’t forget your own damn blog schedule.

2. If you put flowers in your house, people will think you’ve got your shit together. Until those flowers die, and they’re still in your house. Then not so much.

3. Make not wearing makeup to work a habit. That way, if you show up to work looking a rachet mess with no makeup on, you can just pretend you’re sick, and no one will suspect a thing. 

4. Memorize one smart sounding thing about politics or the economy or culture every day to slip casually into conversation. For example:

Coworker: Man, I hate how the bank is closed on Sunday. It’s so inconvenient.

You: Just like the government, huh?

5. Occasionally leave parties early and tell people you’re going home so you can get up early the next morning and hit the gym, because you’re training for a 5k / a marathon / the Olympics / NASA.

6. Quote people no one has ever heard of. Actually, no, don’t. That’s just annoying.

7. Keep your car really clean.

8. Tuck your shirt in. Preferable wear shirts that are ironed. Or at least clean, with few / no holes.

9. Stop getting drunk in public. No one wants to see that. Also, if you’re out of college, what are you doing getting drunk anyways? In fact, if you’re in college, you shouldn’t be getting drunk either. Everyone stop getting drunk.

10. Have a definitive answer to the question where do you see yourself in five years? Then do that thing.

The L.A.W. – Procrastination.

My flatmate Varenka (I’m going to start using the term “flatmate”, I’ve decided) asked me to talk about procrastination for today’s L.A.W.

She totally picked the right person to ask.

Everyone procrastinates from time to time. If you can honestly look back on your day at work and tell me you didn’t spend some time on Facebook, or checking your phone, or staring blankly at the wall while you were supposed to be filing paperwork or something, you’re either a dirty dirty liar or a mutant.

This is not a bad thing. Procrastination gives us a moment to recharge our brains so that we’re primed for the next task. The trick is not to procrastinate too much, or you never get anything done.

Case in point – I wanted to have this blog post done about an hour ago but I watched two episode of .hack//quantum first and now I’m ripping through this. Boom.

If you have a crazy schedule and an overloaded day, the best advice I can give you is to practice useful procrastination. Break your big projects into little chunks, and when you get tired of one task, switch. Maybe it’s not as fun-sounding as reading Buzzfeed articles about cats for twenty minutes, but the effect is the same – you get a break from what you’re working on, you’re still getting things done, and when you come back to the first project, you’re refreshed.

Boom. Roasted.

The L.A.W. – Relationship deal-breakers from men.

There’s a lot of shitty relationship advice on the web, internet.

Let’s add to the pool.

I asked some of my dude buddies and man-friends what their biggest relationship deal-breakers are. Let’s examine the results.

1. Lack of passion.

2. Low self-esteem.

3. Doesn’t read books for pleasure.

4. Passive aggressive.

A short disclaimer: I am not now and will never advocate changing your habits, lying, or settling for any person. Ever. Even if they are the most sparkly, stone-cold, drop dead gorgeous 107 vampire you’ve ever met. It’ll ultimately make both you and your partner miserable.

That being said, these are life traits and values that should be kept in consideration simply because they’ll make you a better, happier, more successful person.

Let’s talk about numbers 1 and 3. “Reading books for pleasure” is a bizarrely specific pet peeve, so I’ll extend it to include not having a hobby.

I sort of touched on this one in last week’s L.A.W. I deeply believe that everyone should have one facet of their life that gets them out of bed in the morning because they are so excited about being fantastic at that one thing. So yes, you need to be passionate. About something. It could be painting. It could be soccer. It could be accounting. Being passionate about something not only make you more vivid and interesting, but it makes you happier. 

And no, being passionate about your boyfriend or picking up your boyfriend’s hobbies to make him happy does not count. You need to make it about you. Sorry.

As far as numbers 2 and 4 go, low – and passive aggressiveness are absolutely linked, because people with high – value themselves enough to realize that their opinions should be voiced and heard. People with low self-esteem often feel like they aren’t going to be listened to, so they get frustrated, and can’t communicate why they’re frustrated.

You know what hnwcassandra’s home-brewed cure for both of those things is?



Honesty. It’s that simple. You need to value yourself and your man enough to say “Hey I don’t feel great about my belly / thighs / boobs / face because I was raped / teased / beaten / stood up.” In return, it’s his job to realize that it’s not his job to fix you, just to hold your hand on the way back to a healthy self-worth.

Ultimately, that trust will enable you to say things like, “Hey, I get annoyed when you leave your dirty socks in the freezer”, instead of putting them into his coffee.

Relationships, right?



My coworker, Awesome Andy (his name suggestion, not mine) said I should write about anxiety for my blog today and call it Aca-anxiety because we’ve been chilling to Pitch Perfect music all day because we’re aca-awesome. Although clearly I decided not to call it that, because SEO optimization is a thing.

And lo, with one paragraph I’ve managed to confuse and alienate half my readers.

Anxiety is a funny monster to deal with, because it strikes at the weirdest times.

The single most powerful thing I’ve ever come across that helped me tackle anxiety is the realization that anxiety and worry only concern things that haven’t happened yet. I mean, obviously.

Once you realize that worry only concerns things that haven’t happened yet, you can tackle the issue that you can’t change what’s about to happen, nor can you really predict what’s about to happen. Sure, you can sometimes make a fairly accurate guess as to what is going to occur in the near future, but do we ever really know for sure? No.

Thereafter it follows that anxiety and worry are pointless, because they don’t really change anything.

That’s my poignant advice, I guess.

Not like I’ve ever personally followed it.

Wamp wamp.


I almost just went to bed without writing a blog post today, internet. I almost just kiboshed 248 consecutive days of writing a blog simply by forgetting to write a blog post and going to bed instead. 

I feel like I’ve been really scatterbrained recently and things like that have been slipping through the cracks and apparently I need to get a grip or get some sleep or drop a responsibility or shift some weight around or something. I have been working a lot more recently to cover up for my car drama. I have been working on several secret projects. I have also been hanging out a lot with a certain he-who-shall-not-be-named (yes, the secret’s out, I’m a deatheater. Just kidding, obviously. But I am a Slytherin), but more on that later. Or never. Probably never.

Wow, this is turning into a super dramatic post, and I didn’t really want to write a super dramatic post. I mostly just want to go to bed.

I guess the thing is that I’m really worn out, and I don’t really know why. Some days I feel accomplished and productive and really on top of things and I’m hanging out with the people I need to hang out with and and checking things off of my to-do list and responding to emails and calling my grandparents and eating balanced meals. Other days, like today, I sit in an empty office for 2 hours with a pile of work in front of me just staring at it like it’s written in Aramaic, and then I get home and realize I’ve done nothing worthwhile and do nothing about it and forget about my blog and just basically curl up in a corner like a lump. Of nothingness. A nothinglump.

I don’t know. Is that normal? I feel like that’s probably normal, but I have nothing to go on.

My role model Ron Swanson once said:

I love you, Ron Swanson.

Sometimes (especially lately) I feel I’m not even half-assing it. I’m like, eighth assing things.

Just me?


Maybe bed will help.

Bed now.