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CALL TO ACTION. And other things.


All 5 of you.

Per yesterday’s poll results, I’m making a few changes around these here parts.

Most of you, it seems, do not particularly enjoy themes, particularly the creative writing days. However, from looking at my stats, I seem to get the most blog likes on some of those posts. Which is… confusing. A compromise – I’ll ditch Manuscript Monday and Fiction Friday for now, on the stipulation that I get to randomly pop in a creative piece from time to time. I’m keeping Yoga Tuesdays and adding Life Advice Wednesdays – L.A.W. (yes, yes I did that on purpose) because 11 people apparently think I’m a credible source of wisdom. Which quite frankly is a poor choice on your part. 

I’ll also try really hard to pop a personal story in every week, preferably about my pets, because apparently you guys are into that.

However, I’m including a CALL TO ACTION IN THIS POST.


Look, I formatted it so you’d pay attention. Here’s an inspirational photo, too:

It's a poorly photoshopped picture of Xena, Warrior Princess, riding my dog Peppermint through the sky!!! FEEL MOTIVATED.

It’s a poorly photoshopped picture of Xena, Warrior Princess, riding my dog Peppermint through the sky!!! FEEL MOTIVATED.

I’ve got 113 days left on this year long challenge, and I’m getting burnt out. So I need YOUR HELP.

What do you want me to write about? What stories would you like me to tell? What advice do you need?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to get me through the next 113 days are greatly appreciated, no matter how stupid you think they are! Do you want to read about my first school dance? Or how I got into a sorority? Or the time I ran from the police at summer camp? Or the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me?

Write a suggestion in the comments or email me at hnwcassandra@gmail.com!


Fiction Fridays #13 – Ideal Life, part two.

Continued from here.


I’m walking into work at nine on the dot. My co-workers greet me with smiles and warm hellos. My boss asks me how my weekend was. My mom was in town, visiting the studio I work at. I took her to all my favorite restaurants. It was refreshing.

I step into my office and put my bag down by my desk, take my laptop out, and open up my browser to check my emails. I response to a few inquiries and send off a few files. At 9:30, I close the computer and carry it with me to our staff meeting.

I am heading a giant creative project which has generate a lot of interest from potential investors, so it’s important to me that my team meets regularly to iron out all of the details. It’s a sprawling, involved endeavor that has most of our small office involved. Today we’re beginning to narrow down on all of the concepts we’ve storyboarded. During the course of two hours, we decide on a final storyline, a cast of characters, and have started brainstorming other people we need to get involved with the project. I feel satisfied with how it’s coming along.

At 11:30, I head back to my office to send a few more emails before lunch. I eat outside with my coworkers in the sun. I packed leftovers from the meal I had the night before with my mother. We chitchat about the upcoming week.

After lunch, I write a proposal for a new project I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind and send it off before packing up. I’m out of the office and on the road by 4:00. I have a class to teach at 4:30 and I need to run home and let the dogs out first.

I work at a large, spacious studio. I only teach twice a week – one large class, one smaller workshop. The studio capacity is around a hundred people, but I limit my workshops to 20. Today we are focusing on inversions, and I have a student going through our teacher training program coming in to help out.

The class is a success, and I decide to stay to take a class with one of my favorite teachers afterwards. I’m heading home at 7:00. Since it’s still light out, I take the dogs on a stroll outside. By 8, the dogs are fed, I’m showered, and I’m sitting down to dinner.

I round out my day by writing my daily blog for the next day and watching an episode of my favorite show. I let the dogs out once more, change, and am in bed by ten.



Post 100??

This is my 100th post, internet. Wow. WOW. Post 100. Here it is.


I don’t even know where to start.

I guess, first of all, I never, ever, thought I would make it this far. Heck, I wasn’t betting on making it past two weeks. I actually sent myself two different FutureMails telling myself to resume writing my blog assuming I would have quit by the time I’d received them. Apparently I’m better at committing to things then previously anticipated.

A lot has happened in the past few months. I’ve applied and been rejected to five different grad schools. I’ve gotten three new jobs. I’ve taken a barre training. I did the 40 days program. I’m about to sign the lease on an apartment with Varenka. I started performing music with Captain Apollo. Doctor Who’s back on television. I finally know who the mother is (Just kidding. I still have no idea who the mother is. Come on, Smosby! Tell us!).

My audience here on hnwcassandra has blossomed into something I couldn’t even anticipate. I have a ton of readers, some of which ambush me in person for more details on things I’ve written (still getting slack for my little April Fool’s joke. SORRY GRANNY!!). I got a Beautiful Blogger award from FactoryMaid, which I still can’t believe. I wrote a story that won an award on Legends Undying. I’ve even been quoted and reblogged and liked and posted on enough to have generated a little over 6000 views in 100 days, and I have every person that’s ever been on here, whether I know them or not, to thank for that.

What’s in the future for hnwcassandra? Well, a few things right off the bat, but nothing major. I still plan on trying to write everyday for a year, but after that, I don’t know. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo in November (the challenge to complete an entire manuscript in a month!). If I get up the cajones maybe I’ll even post some music eventually. I do have one, big, secret project I’m planning on revealing sometime soon, but until them, my lips are sealed.

Thank you to all my amazing, talented, beautiful, fresh-smelling readers. I couldn’t have done it without you.









Let go.

I was on Pinterest last night- I knowww, but it’s a guilty pleasure and I love it – and I found this really awesome quote that I wanted to share with y’all.

Let go or you’ll be dragged. – Zen proverb

This quote was accompanied with a goofy picture of a man hanging from a hot air balloon which I shan’t be including here because it’s dumb-looking. Oh, Pinterest. Haven of good quotes stuck onto terrible Instagram photos.

But I digress.

I find both this quote and this concept really powerful for two distinctly different reasons. Firstly, the consequences of hanging on to the past. In yoga, we talk about this a lot. Letting things go. Living in the moment. Realizing that time only exists as a current moment that is linked to a series of current moments. It’s a little abstract sometimes, but nonetheless important. I love this concept so much that I got the phrase here now tattooed on my ribcage, as a reminder to myself to let things go.


The second reason I love this quote is that we forget that the future can be just a dangerous to cling to as the past. However, we can be pulled and dragged in many different directions, and if you aren’t ready for it, being dragged forward can be just as caustic as being dragged back.

In yoga, we often seek positive changes in our lives. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but it’s often easy to focus so much on positive change that we forget what is good about ourselves as we are. In light of that realization, I asked my yoga students in class on Sunday to go home and write a list of five things they really like about themselves, just so they realized that change doesn’t mean throwing yourself out and starting over. Here’s my list:

1. I’m self-confident.

2. I’m gregarious.

3. I’m strong.

4. I operate well under pressure.

5. I push people to be the best version of themselves.

Now, I know this list will shift and change and develop over time, because life isn’t stagnant. However, now I’ve got a baseline to return to. Instead of saying, I need to change everything, I can say, I feel like I’d be happier with myself if I changed some things, but I like a lot of things about myself as I am right now, too.

That’s my two cents, anyways.

What’s your list, internet?

Write to future you!

This is what I consider to be a fairly compelling story prompting you to send future you a letter right now.

As you may have gathered from the fact that I started a blog to force myself to write more, I consider myself to be somewhat of a fair hand with a story. I’m now a college graduate with a dual degree in Art and English (and a French minor, thank you very much). I’m actually in limbo right now waiting to hear back from the few creative writing grad school programs I applied to.

I received a letter from my thirteen-year-old self one afternoon while I was filling out the basic information on a graduate school application. It was part of a school project I had done in middle school and completely forgotten about. In the envelope was a page of writing from a story I had started, along with the letter, which urged me in bold letters to KEEP ON WRITING, no matter what else I was doing.

I can say with complete honesty that it was one of the most self-satisfying moments of my life thus far. How many other people can say that they are still pursuing the dreams they had when they were children? Instead of wanting to be a princess or an astronaut, I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be an author so badly that I once broke down crying in the bookstore because I didn’t want my books to be out of reach on the top shelf.

The funny thing is, though, is for a while in the middle, I completely forgot that I was devoted to writing as a kid. Well, not forgot, exactly, but I sort of put it on the back burner and tried to be an artist for a while. Gallery shows, creative thesis involving crayons and female sexuality (yikes), graphic design, video game art, you name it.

I changed my mind and decided to pursue writing before I got that letter from myself, but what if I hadn’t? Would it have changed my mind? Inspired me? At least given me a chuckle in the middle of an otherwise un-noteworthy day?

Since receiving that letter, however, my confidence in my career goals has skyrocketed. If for no other reason, it was totally worth it.

That could be you, internet. Go here right now and write yourself a note. It’ll take five minutes. Youtube can wait.

You could change your future right now. Will you?