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Your yoga brand (and why it’s important).

I’m about to get really real for a quick second.

Yoga teachers are a gimmick.

And it’s important that they are. 

Yoga teachers:

Most of your students know what yoga is. Your job is not to teach them what yoga is.

Your job is to teach them what your brand of yoga is.

Huh? What? But branding and marketing is inherently evil, you might be thinking. My yoga students come to me to rinse their souls and spirits of the evils of the corporate world, not to imbibe in your PR mumbo-jumbo. It’s just not karmic. 

First of all, if you actually talk like that, please check yourself before you wreak yourself. And secondly, yes, you are a brand.

If you have a following as a yoga teacher, be it large or small, your students are coming to you because of you. They like something about your presence in the room. Maybe it’s your sequencing, or your voice, or your music, but it’s all yours. Somewhere along the line as a yoga teacher, you made a conscious or unconscious decision to teach your class how you’re teaching it, and somebody likes that you are doing it that way. 

This is called a brand. As Wikipedia coins it, a brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers”. It doesn’t matter if that definition makes you squirm, it’s what you’re doing, and the quicker you own that, the quicker you can pinpoint what you’re doing that works.

And ultimately, that awareness makes you a better teacher.

Does having brand conscientious mean you can’t change and grow and advance as a teacher?

Absolutely not.

It’s just another tool you can have in your back pocket to use when you need a little help formatting your classes.

What’s your brand, yoga teachers? What helps you teach?