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hnwcassandra mac and cheese

This is what adulthood looks like, college kids. Mac and cheese on a kitchen counter in your new downtown apartment that looks like a bed and breakfast from the 1920’s. From the pan. With a lunch beer. In your workout clothing, because real clothes are hard.

So stop panicking about graduation, because life continues to be awesome (actually, better) afterward.

And call your mother. She worries about you.

PS – All of those dishes in the sink are clean now. Stop worrying about it.

PPS – Mac and cheese is a perfectly legitimate lunch option.

PPPS – Stop judging me.

Life Updates.

Hey internet. Sorry if the last few posts have been a little… bizarre.  Life’s been hectic recently.

Actually, on that note, a brief,  real-life-real-time update. As of Thursday, I am no longer living in my parent’s house! Varenka and I have our own adorable (okay, adorable is a strong word) apartment centrally located in Where-I-Live, USA, about 6 blocks and a neighbourhood away from mes parents. Moving is apparently terrible. More on that soon.

Second update, the same week that I moved into the new digs, I got a new job! (promotion? Semi-promotion?) at the Visitor’s Centre! I’ll be doing some very cool social marketing, public relations and website-based copy writing stuff, which is as swanky-sounding as it is super exciting. However, I’m now essentially working full time there, which means that with my yoga job on top of that, I’ll probably be pushing 50-55 hours a week working my two favorite things.

Somebody pinch me.

Anywho, what with the move, the new job, and the fact that I don’t have internet yet in the new apartment (Gallifrey), the blog postings for the next week or so may continue to be… odd.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


(Never again).