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Fiction Friday #31 – Shady Dealings



“It’s a simple fucking question with a yes or no answer. Did you sleep with her or not?”

“Come on, babe-”

“Yes or no, asshole.”

“Do we really have to-”

“Answer the fucking question or these pictures are going to the police.”

“Yeah I fucked her, Edith, are you fucking happy now?”

“You piece of shit! How could you do this to me? We talked about this!”

“It was just a one time deal, babe, it didn’t mean anything.”

“Yeah, well snorting blow was a one time thing that’s gonna look real bad on your record when the police get this envelope. How are you going to explain this one to your constituents, huh Sam?”

“You’re going to screw with my career because I banged some bar floozy once? Real mature.”

“You know what’s real mature? Throwing away four years for a tart with big tits and fake fingernails.”

“I told you, it was a one time thing.”

“How many more one time things are you going to have, Sam?”

“You’re making this into something worse than it is.”

“How would you like it if I went home with the first suit to buy me a drink?”

“That’s different and you know it.”

“Not to them it isn’t.”

“Give me the envelope.”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, that’s real mature”

“I can’t even deal with you right now. I’m leaving. Don’t wait up.”

“Wait… come on, Edith, don’t be like this.”

“How exactly do you want me to be, then? Naïve, like your tarty little tramps? How could you expect to pull the wool over my eyes after we’ve been together this long? For god’s sake, we’re supposed to be getting married, Sam. What happens in September after the ceremony? You’re supposed to be in love with me and you’re off in dive bars buying tequila shots for cheap dates and hookers.”

“Jesus, babe, you’re getting carried away with yourself. Like I said, it was a goddamn one-time thing. The marriage is still on. You still get the money and the house and the keys to the city. Stop getting hysterical.”

“Stop staying it was a one time thing and for fuck’s sake don’t keep calling me babe. You make me sick. You’re damn right it’s not gonna happen again and I’m keeping these photos for insurance. We’ve come too far to get slammed by one of your stupid screw-ups.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t look elsewhere if my fiancée was a little more understanding of my needs…”

“Don’t fucking touch me! You disgust me.”

“You’re going to have to get used to it, babe, if we’re going to pull off this whole marriage act, and don’t even think of backing out now, I have my own form of job insurance.”

“Oh yeah? Like what.”

“You don’t remember your ex Marissa? Because she remembers you.”

“How did you-”

“I got friends in low places. Don’t worry, I bought her silence- for now. Let’s be clear, sweetheart, if this thing goes south, we’re both going down with the ship. Once we’re on some cozy, remote beach with a few million to burn, you can have all the Isabellas and Christines you want. But until then, both of us need to keep our fuckups to a minimum. And if you screw me over, God help me I’ll kill you before either of us are in handcuffs. Understood?”


“Thata girl. Now hand over that envelope and go pick out floral arrangements with your bridesmaids and if I get one hint of any funny business, I swear-”

“I got it Sam, okay? Jesus.”

“Oh, and Edith?”


“I love you.”