Favorite Posts revisited.

Hey internet. I am curled up in front of a Christmas fire with a Chrismassy cup of tea and I am fat on crab legs and riesling. So no offense, but I don’t particularly want to talk to you right now. 

There are exactly seven days left until I am finished with my one-year of daily blogging adventure. 

Let’s revisit some fan favorites, hmm?

I got caught watching porn in a library.   403
Women’s Strength Training Anatomy – a review.   187
The true story of the worst kiss of my life.   180
The WORSER worst date I’ve ever been on.   147
4 drinking games my roommate and I made up in college.   146
Here goes nothing.   146
Grad school in memes.   144
Marc Summers TWEETED AT ME.   122
The true story of the first night I ever went out drinking, part 1   121
Please Put Clothes On – A Yoga PSA.

Anddd it looks like Watching Porn In A Library wins by a landslide, you dirty, dirty pervs. 

Love you. 

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