Shirking Responsibilities.

Hey internet. It’s the eve before I leave on my Christmas vacation and I am quite literally sitting in the car in the cold deciding whether I should be responsible and go to bed or go back to my boyfriend’s concert (my boyfriend being Captain Apollo. Keep up.)

On the one hand I get an extra two hours or so of sleep before work and a three hour drive to Christmasland. On the other hand, concert and Captain.

I went in telling myself I was going to be in bed by 12. And now, of course, it’s 11:30 and I want to stay, because, hey, I put pants on for this.

I’m seriously torn. It would be so easy for me to go back inside and have a fun night. Buttt I know the responsible choice is going home and going to bed. Also I’m already in the car, which is half the battle.

Is this my sneak preview of being 24? I don’t like it.

Incidentally, my car smells like goat cheese and the less time I have to spend in it, the better. Long story.

Goodness internet, what do I do? I’m so indecisive.


I picked bed. Frankly, if I hadn’t suddenly had the epiphany that I needed to post a blog and got out to the car to get my phone, I would have stayed, probably. However, the almost indecent level of pleasure I’m getting from lying in bed right now is letting me know I make the right choice.

Decisions (even the stupid ones) are hard. And apparently a constant reminder of how frakin’ old I’m getting.

Night internet.


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