The L.A.W. – 23 things about being 23.

My boyfriend’s birthday was last week, internet, and Jesus’s birthday is next week, and the year’s birthday is the week after that, and mine is drawing near as well. So you might well imagine that I’ve got birthdays on my mind.

As it’s Life Advice Wednesday, I figured I would give you some life advice about being 23 whilst I’m still 23. In list form. Because the internet is crazy about lists.

(Seriously. It’s actually a real thing. The internet loves itself some lists.)

1. As a 23 year old, you’re likely finally becoming a real person, with real responsibilities and a real job and real, chronic back pain (just me?). That doesn’t make you particularly wiser or more adept than you were at 22, or 21, or even 20. You’re still probable a dumbass.

2. You should accept the inevitability of your aging and your eventual death. By starting a saving account. And using it.

3. Learn how to make chicken tenders. Better and cheaper then that frozen boxed crap.

4. Also eat vegetables. Nothing screams immature diet like shirking at a brussel sprout when you’re 23.

5. Spend a little time being as stupid as you were as a teenager, but not all of your time.

6. Invest in a few high-quality pieces of clothing and wear them.

7. Update and maintain your Linked-in account. Okay, realistically, start having a Linked-in account. People do look at that.

8. Find, prepare, and perfect adult versions of your favorite little kid foods.

9. Keep eating the little kid versions anyways.

10. Embrace the fact that you have no idea who those relevant toddlers on the red carpet are. Ain’t noboday got time for that.

11. Please get rid of your high school email account. It’s time.

12. Clean. Your. Damn. Room.

13.  And your bathroom.

14. And your kitchen. You do not live in a fraternity house. I hope.

15. Are you still drinking PBR? Please stop. There are these things you have called taste buds.

16. If you aren’t working in the field you want to get into and are struggling to find a job in that field, get creative. Your future employers want to see that you have initiative. I will swear until the day I die that starting this blog, as dumb as it is, got me the marketing and copy editing job I have today. Figure some project or volunteer gig or something and do that thing.

17. Figure out what your life priorities are.

18. Figure out that number 17 is irrelevant and changeable.

19. Procrastinate (just a little bit).

20. Learn how to drive without being an asshole.

21. Pay your bills on time eventually. 

22. Be young, wild and free.

23. Have fun, you young thing, you.

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