These Are Things December 2013.

I am going to try a New Thing, today, internet. It is going to be a product review à la Grace Helbig aka one of my favorite people on the web right now, wherein I review products I have recently discovered and enjoyed.

It is, obviously, not sponsored. But you can email me at and we’ll talk it out, corporate people.

I’m calling it These Are Things.

It starts now.

Thing 1 – Boodda Butter.

My new favorite moisturizer, forever. Vegan and chemical free, baby. And it smells like cocoa. Yum.

Thing 2 – Lifeway Kefir.

I love kefir. Hate yogurt, love kefir. Go figure.

Thing 3 – Seaweed Snacks.

This is probably my intense love of Asian food talking, but these suckers are crispy and delicious.

Thing 4 – Magner’s Hard Cider.

The best cider. Period.

Thing 5 – Commando Tights.

These things are the most comfortable thing of my life and I want a zillion pairs of them. Alas, I am broke.

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