I NEED to stop eating out.

I have developed a serious eating out addiction, internet. It’s really bad. I’d guesstimate that out of the last two, maybe three months, I’ve either ordered in or gotten takeout about 15-20 days out of every month.

I could technically look and figure it out, but I’m a little scared to.

If you consider an average cost of 15 bucks a meal (which, let’s be honest, is probably less than what it actually is), I’m spending anywhere from $225 to $300 every month on takeaway. On top of that, I go grocery shopping for snacks and things about every week, so I’m probably spending…

You know what? Let’s not. I have a problem, I’ve identified the problem. Let’s not overanalyze the problem.

The top culprit here has been Asian food. Any type. Sushi, Thai, Chinese. We have a killer new Szechuan type restaurant that makes this amazing fried rice and I. Crave. It.

But it needs to stop. So I’m making a list of new recipes and forcing myself to bring lunch to work. Even if it’s a ham sandwich.

The sad thing is I love to cook, but I’ve become very good at telling myself I don’t have time to cook.

Which, given the amount of time I spend on Buzzfeed these days, is technically true.

Any good recipe ideas, internet?




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