It’s December (thank goodness).

Hey internet. NaNoWriMo shenanigans are finally over, I promise, and I have 28 days (!!!) until this year-long blog writing thing is over.

And yes, punishment for that day I missed is totally on for January, and for those of you who are following along (nobody) I only wrote 19, 211 words in November, which means I have to write 30, 789 words as a punishment. Yeesh.

At any rate, Mi Madre is finally back from Africa. Her plane got in at around 6 in the morning, at which point she rented a car, and drove the five hours home, inconveniently forgetting to let anyone know she was safely back in the country. Which, of course, resulted in severe panicking and mein Pater calling the travel company and making sure she’d gotten on the plane. So, you know, thanks for the mild heart attack, Mother. 

In other news, I spent yesterday helping my boyfriend’s mother move from Place-Where-I-Live to Place-Two-Hours-From-Where-I-Live. So much Mom time has been happening in recent days. Also much tired making things, and this one has a full day of work tomorrow.

Love you, internet.

Good night.

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