Random Shenanigans.

I’m taking a break from NaNoWriMo today, internet. I need a break from creative writing to do some uncreative writing.

You know what’s funny? Over the past little while since I’ve been, y’know, not posting regular updates, I’ve thought of so many things I wanted to tell you guys.

Like how much wine snobs annoy me. My parents and I went out for dinner and my dad asked the sommelier to pick us a white wine that would pair well with duck and steak, and the sommelier went (I’m not joking):

“Well, you should stay away from Napa Valley, but Soma or Bordeaux would be fine. I wouldn’t consider Germany at all, they just wouldn’t stand up.”

What? We’re drinking a wine, not moving. I figured he’d just pick between a chardonnay or a grigio, not a region. 

Oh, and last week for yoga Tuesday I wanted to talk about whether or not yoga was too highly marketed towards women.

Oh, and also for work, I’ve hard to call a whole bunch of hotels, and a startling number of desk clerks had no idea what the address of their hotel was.


Oh, mi Madre left for Africa today. Did I mention she was going to Africa?

Also, I’ve started putting my Christmas list together, and I’m so old. Who puts loafers on their Christmas list? 9o year olds?

Also, I would very much like an electric ukulele, family. Please conspire.

(This is a test to see how many of my family members actually read my blog.)

(Hint – they don’t, mostly.)

Oh, also, I think I’m going to sign up for my very first credit card, internet. Any suggestions as to which one I should pick?


Look, I'm doing a kissy face! DO YOU LOVE ME YET??

Look, I’m doing a kissy face! DO YOU LOVE ME YET??




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