Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween.


I was given the arduous task of dressing up and handing out Halloween candy at work today, internet.

I am currently wearing Costume No. 1, Work Appropriate Cowgirl.


Frankly, I can’t wait to go home and change into Costume No. 2, Less Work Appropriate Rockabilly.

Kids have been coming through my office in stampedes, and I just had to put this very sad sign on my door, because the little buggers ran me out in under two hours.


I was taking notes on the various Halloween costumes though, internet, and they are startlingly uncreative.

Many, many Disney princesses, many super heros, many witches. I did have a few Star Trek and Star Wars inspired kids, including an adorable Ewok whose parents said she was borne on the Fourth of May (May the Fourth be with you). I also got one terrifyingly realistic Weeping Angel, whom I wanted to take a picture of (but I thought that might be creepy), and an incredibly embarrassed cowboy who got teased mercilessly by his mother about meeting his cowgirl.

Anywho, gotta run. Ciao!

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