When I actually wear a coordinated outfit to the studio:

When someone asks me to explain the difference between two weird disciplines of yoga:

When my friends make up terrible excuses to get out of class:

When someone shows up late to my yoga class and disrupts everybody:

When someone keeps leaving for “a drink of water”:

When I haven’t worked out in a while and I get back on my mat it’s like:

But also like:

When people thank me after class it’s like:

Because teaching yoga, most of the time, is like:

Need more? See one, two, and three!


  1. Karolina with a K

    Haha. I’m not in a yoga class but I do the stretches at home. It feels amazing. I love my yoga outfits even though no one sees me save the poor innocent passersby who accidentally witnessed my reclined goddess the other night… sorry guys. Love the use of gifs. I’ll stop rambling now. 😛

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