Christmas makes me feel old.

I actually have a little money left over in the bank this month internet, which means that it’s time to start buying Christmas presents.

Because, as I learned the hard way last year, waiting until the last minute and buying everyone something at one time is a really great way to be totally broke.

So a few days ago, I started looking around for something for my two baby cousins, when I realized that my two baby cousins aren’t exactly babies anymore. Actually, they’re 8 and 10, rapidly approaching 9 and 11, and they’re starting to develop, like, thought processes. 

Y’know, beyond whoa, I love hot chocolate and hey Dora, the bridge is right behind you, moron. 

I’ve driven past the local high school more then once over the past year, and have noticed that the kids (okay, young adults) seem to be wearing and doing things I don’t recognize. That’s one thing. But when your aunt tells you  your ten-year-old cousin just acquired an iPod Touch and does face-time with her friends to solve homework problems, or that your eight-year-old cousin wears ties and fedoras to school, you apparently feel a whole different level of old.

Then of course you realize that your own Christmas list includes words like casserole dish and work clothes and really nice duvet and oh my god you better get in the car and go buy some arthritis medication because apparently you’re eighty. 

Side note – what are Lego Friends? Also, are fedoras cool again?

I thought we already lived through that once.

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