Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of You.

For this challenge, we want to keep it simple: share a photograph with a prominent color (or assortment of colors) that reveals more about you. It could be a symbolic, meaningful shade; a color that expresses how you currently feel; or a combination of colors that excites you and tells a visual story.


I’m not a colorful person. Sure, I have my moments, but my wardrobe is essentially black.

However, there are exceptions to ever rule, such as…

My Massive Nail Polish Collection

photo 5

I love painting my nails. I find it relaxing.


My Painstakingly Catalogued Book Shelves



I’m a bookworm. For years I’ve wanted a properly categorized book collection. I finally have one.

Ain’t it purdy?


My Paintings

photo 3


The one on the left is a line from Poe’s The Raven, the right is a line from Pablo Neruda’s poem Verb:

I’m going to wrinkle this word, 
I’m going to twist it, 
it is much too flat
it is as if a great dog or great river
had passed its tongue or water over it
during many years.

I want that in the word
the roughness is seen
the iron salt
The de-fanged strength 
of the land,
the blood 
of those who have spoken and those who have not spoken.

I want to see the thirst
inside the syllables
I want to touch the fire
in the sound:
I want to feel the darkness
of the cry. I want
words as rough
as virgin rocks.

My Tea Paraphernalia 

photo 4Because I drink tea when I engage in any of the above activities.


PS – Thank you, those of you who reached out to me yesterday after my total breakdown tantrum throwing post. It means a lot to me. And don’t worry, I’m going to finish this damn year out strong.



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