Writer’s block?

I’m frustrated, internet.

I’m starting to hate this blog. Really, really hate it.

I don’t know what happened, or what’s going on, or what changed, but I went from being excited about writing and posting everyday to absolutely dreading it. I just sit down and stare at my computer screen and make mental lists of everything else I could be doing. It’s just like work, only there’s no particular incentive to keep doing this except for a stupid promise I made myself back in December.

Okay, it wasn’t stupid. Maybe I’m being melodramatic. Maybe I’m crazy (I’m definitely crazy). Maybe the weird emotional funk I’ve been in for the last few days is crossing into the blogosphere.

You ever just get sort of slumpy, internet? Like for three or four days you’re just kind of meh for no reason? Maybe it’s just me.

70 something more days. Sigh.


  1. straightupyoga

    Hang in there, girl. I usually feel most inspired after a slump. (Maybe every now and then we need to be in a funk to appreciate fully our brilliance and motivation when it returns! :)) Above all, write honestly–there’s nothing worse than inauthentic writing/ faux enthusiasm!! (Well okay… maybe there are a FEW things that are worse…)

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