Thankgssivig, Take Two.

Hey internet.

So yesterday I kind of… failed.

I blame Captain Apollo for offering to drive me home and everyone else for making me finish their drinks because they were driving home. No harm done, however, as I had today off and just woke up from a five hour post-turkey-sandwich nap / coma / hangover cure.

Drinking is bad, kids. Don’t do it.

At any rate, last night Mi Madre and I had a random hodgepodge of people over for the best holiday in the land (aka Thanksgiving), including but not limited to several coworkers, Captain Apollo, a Random Canadian Friend, and another dog. Because three animals in one household is not enough animals. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any particularly competent pictures of the food, because wine is a thing, however, my mother made us a heroic feast including basically eighty different dishes (okay, seven), and we ended up with four (!!!) different pies (which is, frankly, just an irresponsible number of pies).

And then today I just put all of it together on a sandwich, because Thanksgiving leftovers are the best part.


Om nom nom.

Bed now.


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