Eating Local – A How-To.

My manager K asked me to write a blog for work today about eating locally, and since I haven’t written anything else / am lazy / haven’t specifically been told not to, I’m posting it up here for you, internet. 


With the nation’s recent push to eat healthy, organic, and local food, there have been a lot of questions popping up about why and how to begin eating better.

Eating locally on a regular basis can initially seem daunting, but for those who are interested in investing in the local economy, reaping the nutritional benefits of fresh food, and enjoying the incredible variety that local farms often experiment with, there are a couple easy ways to get started.

The easiest way to eat locally is to find a local restaurant that sources from farms in the area. A lot of these restaurants have the producers they use listed either on the menu or in the restaurant somewhere. Some even break down every menu item by where the ingredients come from. By eating at a restaurant that uses local ingredients, you know you’re not only getting the best produce available, but you’re supporting the local economy.

Looking for something even more committed? Try thinking of five items in your pantry you can swap out with local products every week. Love lettuces? Instead of buying a bag from the supermarket, grab a fresh bunch from a farmer’s market or farm stand. Even if it’s winter, you can still source eggs, dairy, meats, honey and bread locally, as well as preserved foods like jams and garlic braids. If you start looking around, you’d be surprised how many things you find right in your neighborhood!

For the hardcore local lovers, a CSA is absolutely the way to go, but you should do a little shopping around before you buy. There are generally a ton of different options, from U-pick CSAs to pay-as-you-go plans, so you should think about what best serves your needs before you put down $200 on a giant haul you’ll never finish.

Whatever your plans and goals are for eating locally, every little bit counts! Try fitting local products into your lifestyle and see what works for you!

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