The L.A.W. – Procrastination.

My flatmate Varenka (I’m going to start using the term “flatmate”, I’ve decided) asked me to talk about procrastination for today’s L.A.W.

She totally picked the right person to ask.

Everyone procrastinates from time to time. If you can honestly look back on your day at work and tell me you didn’t spend some time on Facebook, or checking your phone, or staring blankly at the wall while you were supposed to be filing paperwork or something, you’re either a dirty dirty liar or a mutant.

This is not a bad thing. Procrastination gives us a moment to recharge our brains so that we’re primed for the next task. The trick is not to procrastinate too much, or you never get anything done.

Case in point – I wanted to have this blog post done about an hour ago but I watched two episode of .hack//quantum first and now I’m ripping through this. Boom.

If you have a crazy schedule and an overloaded day, the best advice I can give you is to practice useful procrastination. Break your big projects into little chunks, and when you get tired of one task, switch. Maybe it’s not as fun-sounding as reading Buzzfeed articles about cats for twenty minutes, but the effect is the same – you get a break from what you’re working on, you’re still getting things done, and when you come back to the first project, you’re refreshed.

Boom. Roasted.

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