Unusual Canadian Stereotypes.

I wrote this post on Monday and completely forgot about it! Wheee!
My Canada trip is drawing to a close, internet, and soon I’ll be venturing back into the U S of A to prepare myself for a long day at work tomorrow. Before I go, however, I figured I wrap up my trip with an investigation about things I’ve notice noticed about Canadians over the course of this trip that you may not be aware of.
That’s right. It’s time for Unusual Canadian Stereotypes.


1.  Canadians are extremely fond of talking about the weather.
I actually noticed this a little while ago, and I thought it was a particular quirk of my dear Papear. However, with a little further investigation, I realized that every Canadian I’ve interacted with seems to be extremely in tune with what’s currently happening outside, exactly how hot or cold it was yesterday, and what the forecast is for the next few days (and how accurate that person thinks it’s going to be). Luckily for me, that means I never have to worry about checking the radar myself.
2.  Canadians are huge fans of local produce.
 Every time I go to Canada in the summer, my gran takes us all to two different farmer’s markets to pick up fresh food for the rest of the weekend. Both of those markets sell t-shirts coercing you to support local farms. The cooking school I went to was mostly locally sourced, including the plums, the cauliflower, and the garlic.
Then there’s this guy, who apparently loves carrots:
3. Canadians treat their dogs like royalty.
Yesterday we took a wander through the improbably beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Not only were there about a zillion pooches both on and off leash, there were about a zillion dog dishes on the sidewalk. I know, I know, having a dog dish on the sidewalk isn’t exactly uncommon, but have you ever seen one like this?
4. Canadians are fond of absurd statues and lawn ornamentation.
Yes, we’ve talked about this. But I don’t think you fully realize whats happing here yet.
Okay, the last one was taken at the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple near the falls. But still. I rest my case.

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