Chain Bracelet DIY – Fail.

Internet, I have a confession – I’ve always wanted to emulate those glittering DIY fashionistas like Two Twenty One and HonestyWTF, but I’m lacking in style, creativity, savvy, and essentially every other quality.

However, I came across two short lengths of heavy duty chain whilst in Canada, and as my Papear has a pretty heavy duty workshop in his garage, I decided to take a whack at crafting.

Converting the two smallish lengths of chain into a slightly longer length of chain required a table vice, a heavy pair of pliers, and a hammer. I didn’t manage to take pictures of that part, which is a shame, because it was the only remotely exciting part. I could re-enact it, but it would be a lie (also I’m too lazy).

So after I did the cool part, I assembled my ingredients.


This is essentially what I wanted to happen:


As soon as you look at that photo it becomes pretty immediately apparently I have only one of the things used to make that bracelet. Yet we persevere.

First I decided to be fancy and sew some of the lace looking stuff onto the ends and make a bow:



That didn’t turn out so good, so I decided to use a thinner ribbon instead:

Clearly my bow tying skills are not up to par.

Clearly my bow tying skills are not up to par.

Then my mom made me this:



And so I did this:

And this is what I ended up with!




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