CALL TO ACTION. And other things.


All 5 of you.

Per yesterday’s poll results, I’m making a few changes around these here parts.

Most of you, it seems, do not particularly enjoy themes, particularly the creative writing days. However, from looking at my stats, I seem to get the most blog likes on some of those posts. Which is… confusing. A compromise – I’ll ditch Manuscript Monday and Fiction Friday for now, on the stipulation that I get to randomly pop in a creative piece from time to time. I’m keeping Yoga Tuesdays and adding Life Advice Wednesdays – L.A.W. (yes, yes I did that on purpose) because 11 people apparently think I’m a credible source of wisdom. Which quite frankly is a poor choice on your part. 

I’ll also try really hard to pop a personal story in every week, preferably about my pets, because apparently you guys are into that.

However, I’m including a CALL TO ACTION IN THIS POST.


Look, I formatted it so you’d pay attention. Here’s an inspirational photo, too:

It's a poorly photoshopped picture of Xena, Warrior Princess, riding my dog Peppermint through the sky!!! FEEL MOTIVATED.

It’s a poorly photoshopped picture of Xena, Warrior Princess, riding my dog Peppermint through the sky!!! FEEL MOTIVATED.

I’ve got 113 days left on this year long challenge, and I’m getting burnt out. So I need YOUR HELP.

What do you want me to write about? What stories would you like me to tell? What advice do you need?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to get me through the next 113 days are greatly appreciated, no matter how stupid you think they are! Do you want to read about my first school dance? Or how I got into a sorority? Or the time I ran from the police at summer camp? Or the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me?

Write a suggestion in the comments or email me at!



  1. Peeker!

    A: Fantastic fucking graphic. Keep ridiculous American dog themed Zena shit as a permanent part of your blog. Because that is the kind of stellar stuff you randomly find on google.
    B: More stories of summer camp. Because I know the boy who was your worst kiss ever, and I can’t wait to hold it over his head. Furthermore, your nickname for him was perfectly absurd, even if I can’t remember it at this moment.
    C: In the land of the blind, the one eyed man (or woman!) is king. In terms of recent college graduates, we’re all fucking cyclops, blind and trying to find thieving motherfuckers by touch. So preach! Give us some sight!

    • Cassandra

      I believe I named him after a character from the Boondock Saints, which is so thoroughly appropriate. ANd yes, duly noted. More summer camp and more terrible, terrible advice, and more ridiculous Photoshop.

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