My coworker, Awesome Andy (his name suggestion, not mine) said I should write about anxiety for my blog today and call it Aca-anxiety because we’ve been chilling to Pitch Perfect music all day because we’re aca-awesome. Although clearly I decided not to call it that, because SEO optimization is a thing.

And lo, with one paragraph I’ve managed to confuse and alienate half my readers.

Anxiety is a funny monster to deal with, because it strikes at the weirdest times.

The single most powerful thing I’ve ever come across that helped me tackle anxiety is the realization that anxiety and worry only concern things that haven’t happened yet. I mean, obviously.

Once you realize that worry only concerns things that haven’t happened yet, you can tackle the issue that you can’t change what’s about to happen, nor can you really predict what’s about to happen. Sure, you can sometimes make a fairly accurate guess as to what is going to occur in the near future, but do we ever really know for sure? No.

Thereafter it follows that anxiety and worry are pointless, because they don’t really change anything.

That’s my poignant advice, I guess.

Not like I’ve ever personally followed it.

Wamp wamp.

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