I went shoppanggg… Sort of.

Hey girl heyyyyyyyy.

No, you’re right, never again.

I’m so sorry.

Hey internet. Mamma Mia and I are returning from a successful shopping trip in place-that-is-two-hours-north-of-where-I-live. There is approximately no shopping to be had in where-I-live, so a trip to pick up a few things is always an ordeal.

Yet again, internet, life has offered me another opportunity to examine exactly how fucking old I’m getting.

Pretty damn old. Maybe not physically, but certainly mentally .

It seems my taste in clothes, makeup, and home decor has changed dramatically over the past few years. I may in fact be 80.


Mi madre and I went into Pottery Barn. I used to despise Pottery Barn, because furniture is boring. Today, however, I found myself fervently disagreeing with mother dearest about the particular faults and merits of such and such dining room tables, and remarking upon the shininess of a large and utterly useless vase.

Ah, but surely I bought young, fun things after my brief foray into boring world?


Sadly, I did not buy one young, fun thing. I bought a black pair of slacks, two business casual pencil skirts (less of the casual) and two silk blouses. Both black and white and not particularly fun.

Trying to salvage the situation, I dragged Maman through Forever 21… and right back out the other side. I’m all for a nice backless faux chiffon pastel pink collared tank top, but honestly does it have to have a picture of a rhinestoned Grumpy Cat on it?

I spent about three minutes freaking out about a doorknob that I found attractive itstead of even going to Zumiez.

I then went to Sephora and bought cheek stain and a very modest champagne colored eyeshadow. Me. The girl with Kat Von Dee perfume and fifty shades of nail polish. I bought probably the most boring products in Sephora aside from shampoo. Even my mum bought mascara.

Who am I??

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