Dog sitting – The Mystery of the Unseen Cat.

I’m dog sitting, internet. Somewhere out in the not-quite-country of Where-I-Live, for a yoga student of mine.

Theoretically, there are two dogs and three cats in this house.

Including this champion.

Including this champion. His name is Flounder and he WUVS YOU.

I have been here for several hours, however, and am pretty sure that they made up a cat. Or possibly are haunted by a very convincing cat ghost.

I have obviously seen both of the dogs, because dogs are terrible at hide and seek. I currently have one cat in my lap, whose name is possibly Violet and possibly Rose and possibly who’s a good wittle kitten? (Hint – she is). I have located the cat that I was warned I would not see. That still leaves one cat.

If I do not find this cat by the time I go to bed, I will officially start panicking, but for now I will assume that it is doing cat things elsewhere.

(By the way, some people have accused me of disliking cats, because of the way that I write about my own cat, Marmaduke. This is false. I am thoroughly indifferent to cats. Some cats I actually enjoy, even. Besides, I saw Marm just last night and we had a pleasant interaction (in that I didn’t acknowledge his existence and he




See? I like cats.



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  2. Genevieve

    I swear that the other cat, Boo,is not a ghost or a figment of our imagination. He is just the most skittish mammal on the face of the Earth and will only be around when Tom and I are alone in the house. And then, believe it or not, he is the most affectionate of all the animals in the house. And, believe it or not, he is bigger than Simba (aka Blink)…

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