3 More Craigslist ads I’d reply to if I was a Psychopath.

I’m sitting here watching the sunset feeling all romantical, internet, so I figured I’d revisit my favorite website, Craigslist, and scan the personals for a real man.

That’s right folks. Hold on to your pants, it’s Psychopath Saturday.

Once again, these are actual, live, unedited Craigslist posts (well, the last one was heavily edited for… tact. But the content is still the same.)


Female interested in a poly household?

I’m looking for a girl that would be interested in a no cost living arrangement in a nice house. That’s right. If you fit what I’m looking for you’ll have no bills. Looking for someone with a good balance of everything good like I have, someone that really wants something they can count on, but also knows they’ll have a good time too. I know there are a lot of talkers out there and a lot of guys that say but don’t do. I’m not one of them, so, I’m looking for a girl that has the courage to believe, because if you don’t, that means you’re satisfied with the results you’ve been getting because you’re too afraid to open yourself up to anything better. I know what I’m talking about and I’m looking for a girl that sees that. I am looking for a girl that has an interest in girls, and IN TIME we add another girl to our home after we get established ourselves and know what we want. This is not a joke and I’m not a low level guy because this is what I want. I have the ability to make a lot of things happen, looking for my ride or die that wants to be a part of something most people only imagine. Dare to dream, but, don’t be on any drugs, have kids or std’s. I’m a licensed professional and multi-business owner. Be prepared to communicate openly and honestly. I don’t care what your life is like now, if you want to have a better one and leave that one behind and are able to, this is your chance.
Mmm. A sugar daddy who can’t content himself with just one woman. Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s competing for attention in my own house. That and being micromanaged by a “licensed professional”. 
Attached Man Looking to Chat with an Attached Woman!! Read Me – 35 

Sometimes it hard to put into words the way you feel, but things are not like the way they used to be. I am an attached man who would love to find a woman who might be in the same situation as I am. Things are not bad but there is no spark and less and less communication. Is there a Woman out there who understands that? I want to find a woman who wouldn’t mind talking, venting, or even more. I’m an attractive and educated man. No one would ever suspect that I would be on Craigslist, so no judging here. I understand about no longer being happy. If your interested in talking please email me. Thanks

Wait, I take it back. I love it when someone’s too big of a… choice word to break up with his partner like a real adult, and wants to drag two other souls into his personal problems. You’re so right, 35. Sometimes it hard.

You know what’ll make it better?

Dragging this situation on for a few more years.


Count me SO in.

revenge – m4m – 37 

Hi girls separated from the wife Iam tired of her hurting me its time to get mine looking for a pretty thing to ***************** I’m 37 really sweet but tired of all her ***** and hurt ******** a must!!!!!!! Must be willing to host because I’m in a semi and cant and be clean for I am
Have fun with that.

Have fun with that.

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