Woman Duties.

I’m canceling Manuscript Mondays for the next little bit, because… reasons?


Varenka and I recently discussed the things that women who are roommates slash best friends slash basically soulmates are obligated to do for each other. We call these women duties. It’s kind of like when you’re dating someone and their are certain things that you sort of expect your significant other to do for you, no questions asked, except that boys are stupid and smell funny.

Woman duties include:

Knowing your woman’s favorite drank and being able to provide said drank at a moment’s notice.
Being able to counteract creepers that be creeping on your woman.
Indulging your woman’s crazy (even when she being crazy).
Putting posts on your woman’s Facebook wall just because they are so her.
The ability to communicate with or without words. Or sounds. Or motions.
The ability to coerce your woman’s man into doing his man duties, even when he’s being stupid.
Sometimes taking your woman out for a night (or in for a night) when she really needs it, even if you work early the next morning.
Being able to figure out when your woman needs some space.
Picking something up for your woman just because you saw it and you thought she needed it.

Woman, you know me.

Woman, you know me.

Running errands for your woman.
Dropping things off for your woman at work.
Dropping your own priorities for your woman when she’s in distress.
Sometimes enduring the smell of tuna noodle casserole at odd hours (sorry in advance).

Be good to your woman, women.

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