So today in the new apartment, Gallifrey, our internet was hooked up, we got a new stove installed, and Varenka got a new bed. So many steps closer to being real people.

Of course, my computer charger decided to snap in two today as well, so now I’m writing this on my crappy old work laptop, which works-ish.

In that it has already junked two drafts of this blog post.


…dang it, all my pictures are on my other computer, which is dead in my backpack.


It’s been one of those days, internet. Today while teaching my yoga class I somehow forgot what side we were on not once, but twice. I got to my favorite lunch spot two minutes after they closed. The internet guy showed up right as I was about to take a shower. It’s raining, again.

Oh, the lights just shut off in the office. Great.

You know what’s really hard about working in a job where you have to talk to people all day long? What happens when you’re having one of those days where all you really want to do is curl up in bed with a hot chocolate and pretend the world doesn’t exist? You super can’t do that. You have to put your sorority smile on and pretend like you are just having the bestest day and you really hope they are, too.

Normally, I’m pretty good at that.

I don’t know, internet. Maybe I just need a nap. ‘



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