Yoga tunes.

I realized I listen to dramatically different music when I do yoga all by myself than when I teach classes.

This is a class playlist – soft indy pop songs with a crowd-pleasing twist.


This is a tiny portion of the list I use when I practice by myself.

yoga2Which basically takes a dip into crazy town. Lots of techno, garage and punk rock, rap, and randomness.

None of it makes sense for yoga, but I actually really dislike practicing to my playlists. So go figure.

Does anyone else do this?




  1. jeffellis744

    I think you should offer a class with your private playlist. If you enjoy it ten I’m sure many others will also enjoy it too. I don’t like limitations in most things in life and that includes yoga. I’m tired of the polite non-intrusive yoga music and I bet others are too. Combining ideas from a range of influence is what creating is all about an is also essential for manifesting inspiration. Isn’t that kind of what yoga is all about?

  2. Jennifer Elise

    I also find that I practice to a list totally different from what I teach to. It is hard to talk over Green Day (which I am always using for inversions) or not start to sing along to Taylor Swift (who I saw also graced your list). I would love to bring in some of the songs I practice to, however I use very popular and somewhat angry or sad songs a lot of time in my own practice and I don’t want to trigger anything too much in people. Yoga is enough of a trigger for some people.

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