Meatballs – A word association game.

So I have about twenty minutes to write this blog, internet, and I have zero ideas, so I asked my good friend Captain Apollo to suggest something and he said to talk about meatballs and I told him that was a stupid idea but I have nothing else so I’m going to go with it. 

Besides the fact that I have never made meatballs.

Amendment – I made meatballs once and they were terrible. Apparently bison meat is not great for meatballs.

Okay. Let’s try association.

Meatballs. Pasta. Italy. Green pastures. Cows. Milk. Ice cream. Chocolate. Chili. Chicken. Burrito. Beans.

I totally just had a vivid memory of eating beans on buttered toast as a kid. Not toasted toast, but that awful white bread that’s the consistency of a marshmallow and sticks to the roof of your mouth. I used to love that.

Let’s keep going.

Beans. Cans. Can openers. Forks. Sporks. Corn. Vermont. Maple syrup. Theft. Security. Uniforms.



You know, I’ve never actually had to wear a uniform for anything. I have to wear black and white dress for catering, but we provide our own clothes. Does that count?

Count. Dracula. Vampires. Frankenstein. Literature. Jane Austen.

Did you know they are going to put Jane Austen on the new ten pound note? Fun fact.

Fun. Dogs. Happy. Food. Steak. Salad. Bread. Sauce. Pasta. Meatballs.


Captain Apollo wins this round.

Put meat, cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs and spices into a bowl. Combine. Shape into balls. Cook them. Eat with pasta.

Apollo 1, Cassandra 0. This round.

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