Dear Boo – a poem.

I forget to write a post today, internet.

Shame on me.

So instead, enjoy, word-for-word, a slam poem I wrote Freshman year of college.

Oh god.


Dear Boo-

I got a question so I hope you’ll spare a listen
you say I’m an addiction
but there isn’t an affliction
I can tell a lover from someone who feigns condition
this prompt is here to let you know I’m searching for admission because
I don’t want to be here if you’re only falsely smitten
I deserve somebody who has love that’s truly driven

If you aren’t here for me then I suggest you start to flee
I can’t date a player when the game’s not over me

Don’t call me your shorty cuz you best believe that if I’m just a honey then I’m going to leave
feel free to mess around boo just don’t mess with me
playing rough is only good when played consistently

You’re right calling me beauty cuz you’re acting beast
and to say I deserve better is to say the least
my worth’s measured in millions don’t put in just a dime




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