Terrible Puns.


If you are seeing this page, it means I didn’t make it back from the music festival I’m attending, and thus did not have time to write a real post, because I’m terrible at time management and, frankly, it’s late on Thursday night and I have better things to be doing. 

So here are puns.

e137824b186544c239220b461fd86052 4cbbd57a451fb918caf0bedb46f9b215 5a88549407e06608a7001c3f1454abe3 3585b269e0aa04f224e475a7c96cf811 13bf578a1b25628419fcc667773d719b e7b83bb23c413a689479d033d9c0e01fa9cf34acdcc4332b1f32254cd795d215 de472e17d01c91586c99d604b3a8f91e 905612da2a08b3e15e21bfa56b581049 8ca5825a97781686e00392b83ca1c979 52366068876e2a167d9e6edd5f4f74bc 545f69d1c1bb0643e62ca5717fb980a8

8a232180afadc7b3dfd0c19f38ebb3e1 7e456d3b50efc6b73f1fcdbbbf3e98ab f600effea71379037de5d8f27f7852e8 21422b454226dd732206c436bf4146ac 0187c7f998e223ff9fb7e22ab1bb1225 709b91c19e874f875a76a2d07a005de2


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