3 Craiglists Wanted Ads probably written by Psychopaths.

It’s the return of everyone’s favorite Psychopath Saturday and sometimes Psychopath Sunday!

This font is very large!

This is better.

For this week, I found some classy Wanted ads from locations all over the country! This ads are unedited except for location and personal details, but if you want to know more, click the links!

 1.  Lobos/Wolf Shirts Wanted – $1

image 1image 2image 3
I love wolves. I am willing to pay top dollar for your wolf tshirt. I am a long-haul truck driver who enjoys cruising across this great country wearing t-shirts with wolf pictures on them. I have been fascinated with wolves since childhood. I have 4 wolf tattoos all on my left arm and am planning to start my right arm with more wolf tattoos this fall. My big-rig even has a “lobos” license plate. Seriously, ANY size x-large or bigger, ANY condition, ANY color shirt with a wolf on it will work.Please feel free to reply with pictures of your shirt so I can decide if I want to buy it or not.The attached pictures are a few shirts from my collection.


Who doesn’t love a quality wolf shirt?

People who hate America, that’s who.

2.  Wanted: someone not afraid of bugs – $20

Are there any kind gentlemen who would like to assist a damsel in distress? I have some spider webs /cobwebs on my back patio and a few in the garage I need taken care of. I have already sprayed my property and along with my bug zapper that has taken care of the majority of the problem, however being on the lake is just an invitation for these spiders to come chill.I need u to come over and get rid of these things . The whole job won’t take more than an hour or 2. I have some raid and an electric bug zapper (shown in picture) so not only will u be cleaning these things up but you can have some fun with it too.
Feel free to bring your own supplies however what I have along with a broom handle/lighter should suffice.I will be there for support and maybe ill make you lunch. I’m broke so free would be great but I’m willing to throw you $20 for helpin me out.

Email me if you are interested. Maybe you live in kings grant too and know how annoying it is to constantly have “spider web residue” on you?


This is definitely NOT a lazy suburbanite who’s afraid to get dirt under her fake nails. No sir. This biddy is a lady, and ladies can’t kill bugs. Us ladies can’t kill anything – we float over the grass and fart rainbows. It’s only normal to ask for a little assistance in these mortal affairs.

3. Green Dishes

image 1image 2image 3
I collect a style of dishes known as Kings Crown remakes, they’re from the indiana class company and are in all assortments of colors.They’re classified by looking at little jagged lines, and large circles. They’re elegant and I love them. I’ve collected them for years, since i was sixteen (now in my 20s) and I would love to begin adding to my collection again. They are known to be a hunter green, avocado green, and several other variations, i collect this color only, and will only offer on this color. I’ll have pictures of some of what I have to give an idea.

What I am mainly looking for, is dinner plates (they will not have a space for a tea cup) and bowls. I’ll also be happy to look at anything similar, I’m willing to pay in cash, or make trades, I have a lot of the tea cup/plate combos and goblets.

I’m looking to pay:
$7.00 per bowl
$9.00 per plate
I’ll also look at other items of the same make. 

If interested in a LARGE trade, if you have quite a collection, I have a 50s remake sweet shop table, its got elevated chairs, red and white with chrome around it. Its also for sale separately. I’ll include an image if someone actually has interest, would be looking for about a $200 trade, as I’ve been offered that on the table from a family member interested in the time period, but it is a tall table with two seats, minor chipping on the surface, I bought it from Antiques and Stuff on main st. cedar falls. I’d also just be willing to sell it, if anyone wanted pictures sent, email me. 

I’ll give my phone number through email, hopefully pictures can be exchanged of items before either goes driving to drop off or pick up. I’m after these very specific items and Not too keen on others.

No comment. 


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