5 More Weird Visitor’s Centre Questions I’ve had to Answer.

I love my job. But man sometimes people ask the weirdest questions.

See the original post here.


1. Speaking of your town, where is it?

Ignoring the fact that you just asked me a bunch of detailed questions about the area and surrounding towns and managed to find our phone number all by yourself?


2. How can I set up recycling pickup in [nearby town]?

I don’t live there. Ask someone else.

3. How long would it take me to walk to [a place that’s an hour and a half away by car]?

Um, how fast do you walk?

4. Where are all your fast food restaurants?

Stop yourself.

Incidentally, a few other people were milling about in the lobby, heard this question, asked me about restaurants, and specified that they didn’t want to eat fast food. 

You offend no only me, but everyone standing around, sir. 

5. How do I rent an apartment?

Ask your mother.

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