Interesting Blogger / WordPress Family Awards!

I was nominated for two awards on June 21st by the fabulous FactoryMaid! They are over in my growing collection on my side bar – The Interesting Blogger Award, and the WordPress Family award.

Just like before when FactoryMaid nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award, I get to nominate some folks for awards and list off seven facts about myself. I picked four – two for each award.

For the Interesting Blogger Award

1. The Belle Jar – I follow the Belle Jar on facebook, and the stuff that is consistently posted is to the point, cutting edge, and often a little mind blowing. This is a blog for the raging feminist in all of us, but also for those of us that like to question our own morals, test our wits and stretch our comfort zones a little bit.

2. Out Where The Buses Don’t Run – I love this blog. I read this blog maybe more than any other. Gus Sanchez is a champion, and the guest blogs he runs are equally as funny and to the point. I CANNOT WAIT until his book comes out.

For the WordPress Family Award

1. Lachlan and Cathy – Lachlan Payne has been popping up on my notifications a whole bunch recently for liking my posts, and I checked into his blog out of curiosity. Lachlan and Cathy is an honest, funny, brutal and insightful blog co-authored by a husband and wife team about living and coping with a chronic illness. They tackle everyday life with a clarity and no-nonsense tone that I envy.

2. Tip of my Tongue – Jennie Saia is a friendly Southern gal that’s been commenting on my blog a bunch recently, and I read her blog post The Time My Southern Accent Saved my Skin the other day and it had me in tears. This girl can write, people! Go check her out!

Some Facts About Me

1. I am a rabid Youtube fan. I am subscribed to 77 different channels. Regular favorites include DailyGrace, SourceFed, WheezyWaiter, VlogBrothers, Zefrank and JacksGap among many others.

2. I have Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 for Game Boy Color and I’ve beaten it 7 times.

3. When I was little, my Dad used to go to Disney World for work conventions, and as a result, I’ve been there 7 times.

4. I have an insane and long-standing fear of the movie Jurassic Park.

5. I got a 2250 on the SAT and a 34 on the ACT. 6 years ago. Goodness gracious I’m getting old.

6. I’ve never been to Yemen.



  1. Jennie Saia

    I didn’t get anything *close* to a 2250 on the SAT, mostly because in the ancient days when I took it, the max score was a 1600. Don’t start saying you’re old just yet!

    And… with those ramblings… thanks for this award! I’m thrilled I made you laugh/cry and will do my best to keep it up. Tomorrow’s theme is facial hair gone awry, if that interests you. It may be a few weeks before I pass this award on, but muchas gracias and thanks so much for thinking of me and introducing me to the other smart folks on your list!

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