Manuscript Mondays – Dog fart.

Hey internet. This is post 150. Just in case you were wondering.



Marie woke up in a cold sweat as the sun began to rise.

She was not in her office.

She was not having a hallucinogenic episode.

She was still barefoot in a tropical rain forest with no money, no purse and no way to get home, and there was something slimy touching her foot.

Marie shrieked and jumped out of the way. Instinctively, she slashed out with the hand that was still gripping the broken piece of Louboutin heel.

The dog that was sniffing at her instep merely blinked and sat down at her reaction. It was a chubby, short legged mutt of some kind with a snout that was too long for its small face. He snorted and licked his nose in a way that suggested that he was far too old and apathetic to care about her shenanigans, thank you very much.

Marie sat up and brandished the broken heel at the mutt, but the dog didn’t move.

“Shoo,” Marie hissed, fluttering her hands. She was not a dog person. Not even in a tropical jungle.

The dog wagged his tail once, hitting the earth with a soft whumph, and squirmed his way forward so that he could rest his head on her shins. Marie tugged her leg away.

Shoo,” she repeated, a little louder. The dog got up, turned around in a full circle, and delicately sat down on top of her leg. Marie made one more futile attempt to scare it away, but the dog closed its eyes and wheezed a long sigh, and she decided to let the issue drop.

Marie rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with her left hand and sighed as the dog snuggled into her lap. Around her, the jungle was starting to wake itself up with all the customary screeches and calls.

The dog in her lap let out a contented fart.

Marie started to cry.

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