I love/hate catering.

I just got off a long catering shift, internet, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

I have a serious love-hate relationship with catering.


Things I love:

The feeling of accomplishment when you pack wayyy too many things into a teeny-tiny van.

I'm pretty good at Tetris. Why do you ask?

I’m pretty good at Tetris. Why do you ask?

Interacting with awesome people.

Seeing a variety of cool locations.

My awesome, awesome coworkers.

The fast paced environment.

When clients are genuinely grateful for our work.


Things I dislike about catering:

Being treated like I’m either invisible or like I’m scum.

The assumption that I’m catering because I’m uneducated and because I don’t have other options.


Long hours.

Taking out the trash.

Trying to keep my white shirt white. Really? Make me put on a white shirt to pour this red wine? Okayyy….


I feel like catering gives you a different perspective on people – specifically, how people treat others and why it’s important. It’s funny how the littlest nuance can change how a client perceives my service – from eye contact, to whether or not our fingers touch as I hold out their wine. It’s also funny how you can almost never tell who’s going to be a jackass before they open their mouths.

I guess the moral of the story here is yes, the catering staff do notice if you can’t take the extra two steps to throw out your plate, yes, it’s annoying when you order a wine and resume your conversation and make me stand there like an idiot waiting for you to notice me, and yes, a simple smile really can change my entire day.

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