3 Books I’d read if I was a Psychopath.


Yeah, I know it’s a Sunday. Deal with it.

It’s getting into outside reading weather, so I went on Amazon and found some books that I thought I might enjoy taking out to the pool… were I a psychopath. Although the jury’s out on that account.

A Million Random Digits


It’s a book of numbers. Literally. Just pages and pages of random numbers. That’s pretty much it. Which, I imagine, would be thrilling reading for someone like Jack Torrence of All Work and No Play Makes Jack a DULL BOY fame.

Why on God’s Green Earth anyone would want this is beyond me. I imagine there is some sort of math-y application for it, but that doesn’t explain why there’s a) SO MANY NUMBERS and b) A SEQUEL. Who needs a million digits and is too uncreative to think of their own??

How To Avoid Huge Ships


This is the perfect gift for anyone with fortonophobia. Just think of all the naval hazards you too can learn to avoid. Although to be honest, the disadvantage for any huge ship trying to sneak up on the unsuspecting passerby is, I don’t know, the fact they they are  HUGE and SLOW and DON’T GO ON THE LAND.

The Kosher Cookbook of Imaginary Animals


As a hungry, schizoaffective Jewish woman, I’m often faced with the troubling question of which of the imaginary animals that haunt my dreams can be consumed in a way that is reflective of my faith. With this guide, I no longer have to worry about how to purify a manticore before roasting it for Passover!


One comment

  1. Cassie

    I love that you chose psychopaths. I just had to read this and then I discovered we share the same name! YAY! Go Team Cassandra!

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